Isle of Ease

Isle of Ease came to life in 2015 when a city slicker from the urban jungle of Singapore, inspired by a love for nature, with a background in design, started making terrariums of a different art. Minimal, quietly impactful and expressive, the signature Isle of Ease aesthetic took shape, one that inspires a sense of calm.  

When space and having a garden is a luxury, injecting touches of low maintenance greenery takes on the forms of potted plants, terrariums or installations. And since much of the urbanite’s life takes place indoors, the rising indoor plant trend has come from the innate human desire to connect with nature.  

Natural scenes in city settings are a way of celebrating this connection between plants and people; it makes us more aware of the elements (sunlight, air, water) and turns us into caretakers. Plants remind us to care for ourselves, and this relationship between humans and nature if symbiotic, healthy and beautiful. With Isle of Ease, the aim is to deliver the many beneficial properties of plants to people and spaces.

 Drawing from the concept of Zen gardens and the properties of precious stones, the first collection “Places of Meditation” was created. Since then, Isle of Ease has also embarked on collaborations with architects and businesses to create custom interior landscapes and planters.

By adding our expressive greenery to your space, we hope to elevate the regular ol' potted plant to an irreplaceable piece of interior decor or a friendly companion that uplifts you.